How can I fly with my unmanned aircraft – so called drone – in Hungary?

Due to Hungarian regulations, operating an unmanned aircraft under 150 kg is only possible in segregated airspace and you have to own insurance. These requirements are independent from the size of the aircraft and the location of operation.

How can I apply for segregated airspace?

You have to fill a form – permission for segregated airspace –, where you have to give the paremeters of the required airspace. The death duties are 3000 HUF per application. The easiest way is to pay by bank transfer.

You have to send the application to the military aviation authority at least 30 days before the flight.

What information is needed in the document?

  • name, address and phone number of applicant
  • coordinates of the required airspace in WGS 84 (for eg.: 200 m radius centered at coord point 47°24’49″N 18°45’56″E)
  • lower and upper limit of the required airspace in feet in AMSL (for eg.: GND-1500’ AMSL)
  • date in Hungarian format (YYYY.MM.DD.) and time in UTC (for eg.: 2017. Július 20. – 2017. Július 29. SR-SS)
  • reason: operation of unamnned aircraft
  • name and phone number of the person who is responsible for airtraffic coordination in the required airspace (we usually write the name of pilot) and
  • name and phone number of the person who is applied for the segregated airspace.

Who should be the person who is responsable for airtraffic coordination in the required segregated airspace?

This person has two tasks:

  • you have to activate your segregated airspace, it means that you have to call Budapest ATS Centre 30 minutes before flight and you also have to deactivate the airspace in the same way, but only this person has the right to do these activities and
  • for the ,,red cross status” or search and rescue aircrafts, etc. you have to give the right way and in contingency these service providers  will call this person when your airspace is active

It is recommended that this person should speak hungarian or english.

Do I need any other documents or permissions?

Depending of the location of airspace you need a declaration of the Air Navigation Service Provider or the owner of the airport and a safety analysis.

Unfortunately due to Hungarian regulations, the safety analysis can only be done by a qulified person. You have to take into account that the procedure can takes at least 3-4 days.

Is there any difference between operating an unmanned aircraft for commercial or non-commertial reasons?

If you operate an unmanned aircraft, you have to make a declaration send to the aviation authority 3 days before the flight. It is free, but you also have to send the receipt of the insurance. You will get a feedback from the authority from the registration.

In Hungary there are also restricted airspaces, so if your required segregated airspace is located there, you will  have to ask for one more permission and pay extra charges (because of environmental protection reason: 3000HUF + 18000 HUF, because of other reason: 3000 HUF).

I need help for the administration procces. Who can help me?

Unfortunatelly the documents are only available in Hungarian language and you shall fill them in Hungarian, but we can help you to fill them, so please feel free to contact us via legter@legter.hu.

Our company also undertakes to manage the whole administration proccess, but only if we get all the necessary information at least 35 days before flight.

You can get in touch with us via e-mail: legter@legter.hu

Personal customer service only after coordination.