Our company has been at the disposal of airspace users since 2015 with a range of professional services aimed at relieving our customers’ burden and supporting them in complex regulatory issues and authorisation procedures.

Satisfied customer base

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses with our services.

We focus on the solution

It's very important to us that our clients can focus on their own areas of expertise, and it's our job to find solutions to their problems.

Serving the community

We support the drone community with free information materials and presentations, and our Facebook group has grown into a supportive community.

Légtér.hu Kft.

Légtér.hu Ltd. started its operation more than five years ago, and our high quality services have been developed not only by colleagues recognized in the drone industry, but also in other fields of aviation. Our company became known among airspace users with the unique Airspace Search Geo-Information System, but today we have also become a major player in the drone sector. We provide a complete solution for drone compliance for hobby users and professional industrial operators alike. We provide our partners with a full range of licensing services and a mapping interface to facilitate legal drone use. Our company is a market leader in the field of remote pilot training, our modern training system and quality teaching materials help you to acquire the necessary competence to fly safely. We provide our clients with personalised consultation, financial and professional advice to help them achieve their goals in the drone industry. As a result of our good relationship with key players in the industry, our company is a hub for aviation.

ÁGNES Csipak-Török

I first came into contact with aviation during my studies in transport engineering and, of course, I was almost immediately drawn to the world of aviation. It was during my university years that I was introduced to the potential uses of drones and the challenges they present. In recent years, I have published several studies and articles on the possibilities of integrating drones into airspace, their impact on aviation safety and drone regulation. You can find my previous articles and my thesis in the Downloads section of the Airspace.com website.

I started my career in the state sector as an aviation officer, gaining insight into both Hungarian and European Union legislative processes and regulatory procedures.

As one of the company executives of Légtér.hu, I oversee the development of https://terkep.legter.hu Airspace Finder from an aviation perspective, manage the company’s training activities as a training manager, and provide professional advice on airspace designation and airport operations. You may have met me at conferences, forums and training courses as a speaker on topics related to drone regulation in general, and as an instructor for Légtér.hu I teach basic aviation and safety-related skills.

I believe credibility is important, so I keep up to date with developments in drones on a daily basis to ensure that we provide our customers with up-to-date and professionally correct information.


In 2007, he expanded his IT, electronics and software development business into robot helicopter development and manufacturing. The tool he developed was used for pilot projects in aerial remote sensing and later developed into a stand-alone business.

In addition to successfully running remote sensing and computing businesses, he is responsible for the technical development of Légtér.hu Kft. as one of its founders.

In 2015, he became President of the National Association of Drone Pilots, and later, at the end of 2018, he was asked to become President of the Aeronautical and Air Sports Association, and therefore he said goodbye to the association’s leadership. The Aeronautical and Air Sports Association primarily brings together small aircraft aviation and air sports, but as president he attaches great importance to the development and maintenance of good relations between the association, the market and the public sector.


Inquiries are mainly welcome by e-mail, personal online consultation is only possible by appointment!

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